• How does SEO work step by step?


    Websites work hard using the tool SEO to somehow make their content visible at the top of the google search. This website optimization service helps in increasing the traffic of the site and also there will be an improvement in the performance of the site speed. But most of them do not know how this SEO tool works. 

    The effective strategy of how an SEO tool will work is given in a step-by-step instruction clearly. 

    Step by step guide regarding how an SEO will work:

    Step 1: SEO is something that is correlated with keywords and does wonder. Basically when we search for content in Google, as we start to type google will recommend a few words, and those words are called keywords. Short tail keywords are usually more competitive than that of long-tail keywords. 

    If you find it a difficult task to do by yourself, you can get service from some affordable search engine optimization

    After doing various research and collecting the keywords, now jump to step 2. 

    Step 2: As you are now having keywords we will have to analyze it on google’s search page. For that enter each keyword that you have in the search box, and markdown briefly the patterns you see. 

    Step 3: This step is something more prominent, you will have to create contents that are unique. Avoid copying content since that is not going to reward you anything. Being unique and creating in a better way is important while creating content. 

    Step 4: Get backlinks if you want to result in your search in the top of the search engine. While adding links that will obviously increase the traffic of the site. 

    Step 5: Finding words that are related to the targeted keywords and using it in the keyword will give you amazing results. 

    Step 6: The content that you deliver must go well with the intent for that particular keyword. 

    Step 7: The page, where you have put your content, must be attractive and the complete site should look wonderful. 

    Step 8: We must also build links to your content, if you have competitors it is important to analyze it. 

    Step 9: The contents that you post must be consistent and it should be improved by keeping it updated. 

    There are plenty of search engine optimization services available at an affordable price, users have to choose the right one. 

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